A walk down memory lane....

Ovagen Sarkisian came to the United States, fleeing persecution from the Armenian Genocide, and purchased land in West Andover, Massachusetts to begin a farming business. It was a hard life but certainly better than the one he fled. In order to begin, he first had to complete the difficult task of clearing the land by cutting down all of the trees by hand. Finally, in the 1930s, the farm was born, For many years, the farm was a way of life for he, his wife and three children as well as many other Armenians in the surrounding area.

After his death in 1968, his son Sarkis took the over the business and, with his wife Rita, they continued to farm the land. However, the economics of farming continued to change adding more difficulty for those earning a living this way. Therefore, the Sarkisian family opened what had come to be known as a very successful retail greenhouse business. At the same time, they used the farm acreage to grow native strawberries. The flowers were beautiful and for years had graced many homes in Andover and the surrounding towns. In addition, families flocked to the fields to pick fresh, native strawberries.

Again, times and economics shifted as large hardware chains began selling flowers imported from Canada. Sarkis knew the time was right to further their vision. In 1994, they opened their latest attraction - a golf driving range. The charm and family atmosphere of the driving range is unmatched and has not gone unnoticed by all who patron the establishment. In celebration of Sarkisian Farms Driving Range's 10th anniversary, an ice cream stand was added featuring a huge selection of flavors and delicious ice cream. It is no doubt that Sarkisian Farms Driving Range has become an attraction and destination spot for families near and far.

We would like to thank all of those who came before us for having the vision and taking the risks necessary to bring us to where we are today. Our hope is that we can continue to build on the foundation with the same spirit that was created so long ago.